Episode 8 - Alvaro Castagnet

Flamboyant, passionate artist Alvaro Castagnet is one of the world’s great watercolor masters with a growing list of achievements every year as his body of work flourishes and he pursues exciting directions. Alvaro has never ceased to develop and progress his art, as it evolves from vividly painted everyday scenes to almost abstract gestural swathes of pure color. - Alvarocastagnet.net

In this episode, I was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with Alvaro Castagnet. From his home in Montevideo, Uruguay, we talk all-things-watercolour, life, art, passion, progress, evolution and how the humble pool table nurtured some of the greatest Australian Artists to have lived.

Check out his fantastic website where you can find his amazing signature brushes, DVDs, Books, paints and everything, Alvaro.


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