Episode 7 - Albert Kline

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In This Episode I chat to American Watercolourist Albert Kline. He is new to our world of Watercolour and he is passionate and excited about all things painting in this amazing medium.

Prior to our interview, Al sent me some info about himself and I thought the body of the email would make for perfect show-notes. So, here is that info.

I was born in Holland.  We settled in the US when I was 5 years old.  

I come from a family of artists, musicians and actors.  My grandfather was a famous tenor in holland and an accomplished oil and pastel painter.  I recently discovered his lost art and wrote about it on my blog.  (https://alklineart.wordpress.com/2018/12/26/the-art-of-albert-klein-sprokkelhorst/).  My father sang for dutch radio and his sister was the first actress in Holland to speak to have a starring role in a talkie in the 1920's.  

I drew and painted my first watercolor in 3rd grade.  Art was my favorite class and I took commercial art in highschool to learn perspective drawing.  

Medicine was a strong second interest , but became my main focal interest after high school.   I received a degree in 1987 in Chemistry, Biology and Health Science Education and went to Medical School (Studying Podiatric Medicine) at Temple University in Philadelphia from 1988-1992.  I did a surgical residency in foot and ankle surgery from 1992-1994 and settled back in my hometown to open a practice in Foot and Ankle Surgery.  

I am married and have 4 grown children.  

I have other interests such as running, cycling, golf and music.  

When I was 16, I seriously considered going to the Juliard School of Music in New York, but I was more interested in running and getting a track scholarship.  I ran for Reebok shoe company in Houston while studying and ran 2 Marathons and numerous 5-10K road races.  I finished my schooling before medical school at Texas A&M in Chemistry hoping to get into Medical School.  I was accepted into Pharmacy School but decided to hold out as a surgeon.

After almost 20 years of surgical practice, I began cycling and competing in Masters racing.  I did very well with my background as a runner and stopped cycling due to a back injury in 2015.

I took up drawing and painting again in April 2017.  My youngest daughter is a very talented painter who went to art school and she encouraged me to start painting again.  

I had success almost immediately, which surprised me.  I won my first entry to a watercolor competition and I have chonicalled my painting journey on my blog.  (at 6 months, 1, 2 and 3 years of painting). 

I was voted president of our Watercolor Society of South Texas (we will celebrate our 50 years as an organization this year) in 2018.  

When I started painting, I signed up for instruction with Dan Marshal (June 2017), Vladislev Yeliseyev (Dec 2017) , Frank Eber (2018) , Iain Stewart (2018) and Herman Pekel (2019).  I learned a tremendous amount about watercolor as a medium from these instructors.  

Visit my blog at ALBERTKLINE.COM for more information about my journey.  

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